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Phoenix MVVM+C Framework

Phoenix MVVM + C Framework

Phoenix is a MVVM and MVC Hybrid framework, the goal is to address the shortcomings of MVVM frameworks and make WPF and WP7 development much nicer. The shortcomings we address are:
  • Overly complex viewmodels, which deal with data manipulation, view concerns, and often are a mix of business logic and model transformation so it can be bound using MVVM.
  • A mix of background threads and UI threads with runtime exceptions when you get it wrong
  • Often very low cohesion and high coupling to multiple model sources (WCF services, or Rest)

The way Phoenix does this is by introducing a controller. This means:
  • ViewModels are UI thread only, anything that requires running off the UI thread belongs in a Controller Action.
  • By introducing a controller, logical operations can be grouped together in a controller, meaning controllers have very high cohesion

Documentation is now available at:

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