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Phoenix MVVM+C Hybrid Framework


MVVM+C or MVVMC is basically a Hybrid pattern which uses the ASP.NET style of MVC, but we replace the V (View) with VVM (View/ViewModel), allowing us to use MVC for our application structure, and take advantage of the rich binding capabilities of WPF and Silverlight and the MVVM pattern
to provide rich interactions in each view.

Here is a quick rundown of how Phoenix approaches this.
  1. Application Starts, and finds a NavigationFrame named DefaultFrame
  2. Invokes (see Invoking Controller Actions DefaultAction targeting the DefaultFrame
  3. The DefaultAction returns a PageActionResult, which causes a navigation on the DefaultFrame. The ViewModel is created in the controller action, and passed into the page result, which looks like `return Page(myViewModel);`
  4. Phoenix executes any Result Executing Filters, then invokes the controller action, then any Result Executed Filters
  5. The PageActionResult will resolve the view by conventions. Then display it in the DefaultFrame
  6. Further ControllerActions can be invoked either from xaml, or from the viewmodel.


NavigationFrame - This control is at the heart of Phoenix Navigation

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